• Innovative Tailored Wind Power Solutions
  • Traditional Blade Turbine installations – up to 4 mW
  • Scroll Turbines for compact, high efficiency installations – can be integrated into landscaping or architectural elements to complement any surroundings 
  • comprehensive range of turbines available to ensure maximum output in all conditions – including low wind speed situations
  • coupled with high efficiency controllers and invertors to  maximise output
  • Full ongoing facilities maintenance programs available to ensure ongoing maximised output
  • Comprehensive in-house certification, engineering design, installation, commissioning and maintenance services.


The “Scroll Turbines” offer innovative solutions to a number of wind power installation requirements. The turbine offer a vertical access, with unique advantages when the wind comes from more than one direction or many is turbulent, as it does not need to be pointed into the wind to work. The turbines have a cut-in operational wind speed of just 2m/s.

The units feature:

  • High chemical durability to impact of water, salts, alkalis, and acids which provides high corrosion durability in even extreme locations
  • High thermal resistance offering a range of temperature for long-time application of 200-600C, short-term impact of temperatures – up to 700C and single impact of temperatures – up to 1000C.
  • Turbines and towers are constructed of lightweight yet strong, flexible materials.