Solar power generation systems to suit any requirements from small single purpose units to mega-scale power generation facilities.



All installations are constructed to the highest standards and to suit any climatic or geological requirements. Our teams of installers are experienced in all aspects of renewable power installations to ensure installations are maintained. The highest standards of environmental protection, workplace health & safety and quality inspections are implemented on all projects and are monitored regularly by independent inspections – environmental protection , safety and quality are a key element of all projects undertaken.



All installations utilise the highest efficiency solar panels coupled with innovative energy management  storage facilities to maximise the output. The solar installations can also be tailored to integrate other forms of renewable power generation to ensure the site’s potential is maximised.


Facilities are designed to efficiently meet the clients scope requirements and are commissioned by a highly trained team of installers – but –  thats not where the expertise ends – the efficiency of all installations is only as good as the  maintenance of the units. The inclusion of our in-house extensive asset maintenance program maximises the efficient performance of the installation for the life of the installation.

All Solar Energy Installations undertaken by F.O.S include for:

  • Full stakeholder identification
  • Strategic Issue identification- in consultation with stakeholders and sponsor
  • Staged planning with sign-off by sponsor
  • Integration of sustainable management principles in all aspects of project planning
  • Value planning analysis to identify most appropriate options
  • Ongoing consultation at all stages with stakeholders and sponsor
  • Time, cost and value management
  • Relevant effective communications protocols throughout all phases of works
  • Full training of all users during commissioning phase
  • Consideration of all potential aspects of facilities / Asset Management
  • Full defects management protocols
  • Local representatives throughout all phases to ensure timely and effective management of all aspects of the project
  • On-time, within agreed scope and on-budget delivery of all works – that – meet the projects agreed strategic requirements.

Construction of Solar Energy Facilities result in assisting clients to :

  • Diversify power generation options to meet an increasing consumer demand
  • Provide cost effective energy supply to consumers
  • Provision of self-generation alternatives to secure required power supplies to meet specific needs, through either Stand-alone self-generation installations (off-grid solutions / or augmented hybrid solutions)
  • Reduce need for purchase of additional external power – reducing cost to power consumers
  • Develop Value-for-Money projects to effectively deliver against strategic goals including the obligations as outlined with the “United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals”