Inseries Electronics offers a full range of accessories to complement all of the renewable energy solutions.

The accessories not only complement but also offer innovative solutions to enhance the overall performance of any tailored solution.

the range includes:

  • storage systems


  • Multi-input Power systems – the MPS  permits up to three simultaneous natural inputs (solar, wind and hydro) with a single invertor – no additional controllers or complicated wiring required.

The Multi-Input Power System (MPS) is a renewable energy generation and storage system, which enables users to generate and store their own energy. It can offer the opportunity to take their electricity needs entirely off the grid.

The MPS is an innovative system that permits up to three natural inputs simultaneously (including solar, water, wind or hydro) with a single invertor. The system can be manufactured in a range of sizes to meet the specific needs of each installation.


  • comprehensive range of solar panels

  • a range of solar appliances and equipment


  • metering and monitoring (vending) systems to suit any application.

The incorporation of “vending” systems allows for accurate and accountable point of sale / use energy retail consumption. The system offers easy-to-use processes, and is provided through readily available communications technology – offering safe reliable processing of data.