Recently, “inseries electronics” has expanded its operations and now is involved in a number of global markets, particularly Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific. To meet the requirements of its clients, “inseries electronics” is also establishing a full-service office in Eastern Europe, which will deal with an increasing demand for quality lighting and power solutions throughout Europe.

Alan Tupicoff – Director of “inseries electronics”

Over 40 years of experience, in all aspects of building and construction, provides the ability to bring practical, effective, tailored, logical solution to all situations, whilst aligning with the organisations Strategic Goals and Expectations.

As a Director of inseries electronics, Alan is committed to working with clients to ensure a sustainable outcome is delivered, and delivering a commitment to the United Nations – Sustainable Development goals across all global locations.

Good value outcomes to Clients, on-time and on-budget is the key to “inseries electronics” delivery.


Alex McLeod – Executive Director – Founder – inseries electronics

Alex has over 25 years of experience in all aspects of building and construction and holds the highest qualifications. Alex has extensive experience in Project Manager, Construction Management and Facilities / Asset Management – he proudly says “there is almost nothing that I have not been involved in building”.
Alex’s interests include martial arts, jet skiing, gym training and his family. He has a strong focus on being disciplined to achieve project goals and working with clients to ensure that their strategic needs are incorporated into projects to create solutions. He brings to all initiatives, his previous experience and “eye for detail”. His special interest has been his passionate involvement with renewable power systems and LED lighting technology. His experience has allowed him to be able to design and create innovative solutions to lighting and power issues.




Sam Ndoyo – Consultant & Company Representative (Indonesia)

Sam (Siamndoyo) is the Business Development Manager for Finding Other Solutions’ and inseries electronics in the Indonesia / South-East Asia office. Sam holds a Business degree and has worked with both large and small companies previously in the South-East Asian region, with experience in strategic marketing, sales, and customer relations and is supported by a highly experienced team. He holds an APEC Business Travel Card (number 13211) and travels extensively throughout SE Asia. As the Local Company Representative of both FOS, ATsolve P/L and “inseries electronics” P/L in Indonesia, he brings his experience in sustainability developed from his many years involvement in managing agricultural and retail operations. He has a strong interest in humanitarian, community and social management and understanding of the links between “people, planet, profit”. He has a strong appreciation for Asian heritage and culture, and understands the connections with business, strategic growth and projects with experience in Hospitality, Agriculture, Retail, Logistics, Community / Charity support and Fitness.


Don McLeod – Consultant & Company Representative (New Zealand)

Don is the company representative for “inseries electronics” in New Zealand and South Pacific, and is located in Canterbury, South Island. Don has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial and business throughout New Zealand, with previous experience in all aspects of tourism, hospitality, retail and commerce. Don’s experience allows him to assist client’s in understanding their strategic and operational needs, and developing strategies to achieve the client’s requirements in a cost-effective and efficient way . Don has commitment to delivering effective, quality and ontime solutions.



Ljupcho Nikolovski – Consultant & Company Representative (Macedonia)

  Ljupcho is a consultant representative of “inseries Electronics” in Macedonia. His extensive experience within all aspects of industry within Macedonia allows him to assist clients in meeting their strategic energy and lighting requirements. The growth of the Macedonian economy has allowed him to use his experience to also focus of industry’s ability to conform with the requirements of the United Nations – Sustainability Goals.



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