Desalination / Solar Steam Generation Energy


Fixed and Transportable Units available to suit specific needs

Innovative efficient and effective renewable energy systems designed to meet the needs of :

  • Remote locations near water source (including isolated communities, island villages)
  • Small Healthcare facilities – remote or isolated (Note: steam generation is up to a temperature of 250 degrees)
  • Retail / Hospitality / Recreational (including cleaning, sterilising, laundry, cooking, heating facilities)
  • Commercial / industrial
  • Emergency response (temporary replacement for electricity and water supply)
  • Humanitarian response – energy / water supply
  • large scale facilities to suit a range of communities and industries
  • Agriculture

Small Scale Desalination / Renewable Energy Plants

  • Create a combined desalination / energy- or – renewable power generation facilities – operating 24 hrs a day – if required
  • Can be relocatable or fixed units
  • Easy to set-up and operate
  • Main input power source is solar
  • Alternative power sources can be added to enhance output – including biomass, geothermal, wind, geothermal, biomass, waste to energy)
  • Can be easily delivered or relocated by traditional road, rail or sea transport

System is delivered as a complete kit with all components and accessories required for operation

Indicative Details – Assumed Baseline configuration of 15 units (each 3m in length)

  • time to complete assemble – 2 people within 7 days
  • Time to become operational after installation – 2 to 3 hrs depending on solar generation.
  • Output – steam and/or desalinated water
  • Output steam temperature – up to 250 deg C at a pressure of 10 bar
  • Output – desalinated water – 1821 lt per hour
  • Power generation – 29 kW per hr
  • Outdoor installation – area required approx. 65m2
  • Inverters, transformers, … – containerised for security and ease of transport
  • % of power generated but reused within process is not applicable, as 100% power generated is available for external use

Large Scale Desalination / Renewable Energy Plants

  • Create a combined desalination / energy generation facility – operating 24 hrs a day
  • provide renewable resources to support the economic and social development
  • power and water generated to be connected directly into existing national distribution grid
  • 100% of the desalinated water is generated from the waste heat of the power generation process