About Inseries Electronics

Inseries Electronics is an Australian based company, delivering global innovative solutions to all electronics and power systems, through its “innovation through flexibility” approach.Through our network of offices – projects include solar, wind and hydro within Australia, South Pacific, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

We specialise in advanced LED technology and innovative renewable power generation and storage solutions. Through innovative design solutions, we offer a unique “one-stop” shop for all power solutions. Our systems deliver complete tailored energy solutions.

“Off-grid” renewable power solutions offer both “off the shelf” power solutions as well as customised solutions to suit any client requirements, ranging from “Portable” power units (TravelVolt), total building systems and energy solutions for isolated communities, cities and regions.

Inseries electronics has attractive finance packages available through Finding Other Solutions (FOS) Group Dont delay in :
* getting connected to renewable power – in any location and any circumstances
* achieving energy efficient sustainable solutions
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